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    Dic 18

    Treatment of pyometra in Benalmádena

    What is a pyometra?

    Pyometra is a chronic purulent infection within the uterus of the female dog, and we tend to divide it in open or closed, much more frequent, depending on whether the cervix is ​​open or not. In case of open the diagnosis is easy, pus can be seen going out from vagina and coincides that about two months ago the female dog passed estrus. The problem is in the closed ones, as nothing is visible from outside, usually come to the clinic when the thing is already well advanced and besides diagnosis will be more laborious , the risk to female dogs life is multiplied. Treatment of pyometra in Benalmádena.

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    Dic 16

    Socializing the puppy in Benalmádena

    Puppy Socialization: WHAT IS?

    Although it really is something more complex, we understand for practical effects, that puppy socialization will be the process that will teach him/her to interact with the environment which it will coexist for the rest of its life, people, animals, prior situations stressful for the puppy (fireworks, traffic noise, conversations in heavy volume, dealing with children, etc.). This process will be performed during the first three months of life. Socializing the puppy in Benalmádena.

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