Leishmaniasis Campaign

Leishmaniasis is a parasitic disease that affects dogs and is trasmitted by a certain type of mosquito. In our veterinary clinic we ensure the health and welfare of each and every one of our patients, that´s why we carry out various health campaigns throughout the year.


Healthy teeth campaign

Designed to all dogs and cats which may need an ultrasound denture cleaning to lift tartar and avoid the onset of periondontal disease or the start the treatment of it. Every time you chew, in case of tartar on the tooth base, by the root can be mobilize to the blood the bacterial microemboli that may stay in those organs through which go to the blood, and may cause liver or kidney abscesses, infectious endocarditis in heart valve… etc.


Checks Campaign

The objective will be the detection of mature age chronic diseases that normally with early detection the average life and the quality of it is increased, so it will be mainly aimed at small dogs and cats over nine years and seven years the big ones.


Affinity Campaign

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First year of life

Save 40% all puppy vaccines, microchip and official passport using a prepaid pack that also entitles you to a discount of 10% in food and boutique, 20% hairdressing and also the first visit is free.
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