Microchip for pets in Benalmádena

Microchip for pets in Benalmádena

It is important to know that having a pet at home, apart from a nice company, also involves certain responsibilities in regard to its feeding and to the health care-related. But it is also essential to consider other issues such as the security in the case of loss or theft. That is why for some years, in order to avoid dropouts and to locate an animal when you lose, Some communities require owners to put the chip identification.

In Gorriti veterinary clinic we conduct pet microchipping in Benalmádena, thus you will only have to make an appointment to be fully assured that if your pet is lost, they can be identified without problems.

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n the Clinic Gorriti routinely perform the pet microchipping in Benalmádena. It is a process as simple as poses no pain to the animal and only requires a few minutes when the vet inserted the capsule in the neck by a plunger that pushes inward.

Each chip has a code assigned to identify the animal. After performing the pet microchipping in Benalmádena, info for your pet (owner's name, address and phone) will be registered in the Canine census's database of your autonomous community. The chip is unique and is placed once in the animal's lifetime.

Come to Gorriti veterinary clinic and we will informe you about everything you want to know about pet microchipping in Benalmádena.

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