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    Doctor Gorriti
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    We have a great professional team in animal health to offer you the attention that you pet needs.

    Veterinario en Benalmádena
    Veterinario en Benalmádena
    Veterinario en Benalmádena

    We regularly controls the health of your pet, providing the best vet service al unbeatable prices.

    Veterinario en Benalmádena


    Doctor Gorriti


    Doctor Gorriti


    Doctor Gorriti
    Veterinario en Benalmádena
    Veterinario en Benalmádena
    Veterinario en Benalmádena


In our vet centre we offer a complete service for your pet, from vet consultations to prevention campaigns and pet feeding.

Our Vet Centre - Vet in Benalmádena

Veterinario en Benalmádena

Care as they deserve

Pets are seen as a key member at home, that´s why health and welfare of them is considered a matter of vital importance.

For the health and care of your pet trust the best proffesionals, in our vet centre we have a team with extensive proffesional experience that will attend your pet with the proffesionalism and care you expect, offering the best treatments and services in order to ensure the maximum care for your pet.


The best care for your pet stars with a good diet.


We have a specialized laboratory for the necessary test and to improve care for your pet.


Our pet hygiene and cleanliness is essential, so we have a hairdresser service at your disposition.

Ask for an appointment

If you are looking for an excellent medical care and quality vets for your pet, please call us and for an appointment, we will be pleased to attend you.


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Vaccines are essential to protect them from many dangerous diseases.

So that bugs and insects won´t disturb your pet, get them deworm.
Clinical analysis
we cant get results quickly with our advanced technology.
We have the best technology for multiple types of testing.

Imaging Diagnostic
High technology available for your pet. The most advanced diagnosis.
In our shop you will find what your pet needs to stay healthy.

Our Vet Centre

Veterinario en Benalmádena

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Veterinario Benalmádena


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If you want to know more about our services, come in an know them.

Our Team

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  • Veterinario en Benalmádena La Leishmaniosis es una enfermedad parasitaria que afecta a los perros y es transmitida por un tipo determinado de mosquito.
  • Veterinario en Benalmádena Leishmaniasis is a parasitic disease that affects dogs and is trasmitted by a certain type of mosquito.
  • Veterinario en Benalmádena Campaña dientes sanos para perros y gatos que necesiten una limpieza por ultrasonidos.


Do not hesitate in visiting us with your pet. We will be pleased to attend you.

Our veterinary team is at your disposition in different ways, whether in preventive medicine to take care of our pets so they don´t have any problems, doing ophthalmologic examinations, cardiology, etc, or with internal medicine. We also have feline medicine.

We have our own laboratory so the results will be available sooner and a fully equipped operating room for those pets which may need surgery.

Our hairdresser is a point of added value, since we have the best professionals to take care of your pet and give the best treatment during its stay in our hairdresser .

We also have at your disposition antiparasitic baths, in order to prevent bugs being a problem for your pet.

All this with the best treatment so we always take care of your pet.

We have a wide variety of food for all your pets, all of if specialized depending on the size, age, etc.

Our people in charged will help you to make the right choice for your pet, because food is essential in its development and in mature age.

You will also find all the accesories you may need, as well as games, toys, belts, etc.

For any questions please fell free to contact us or visit our Vet Centre.


Veterinario en Benalmádena Veterinario en Benalmádena
If you have any doubt feel free to contact us